Android this week: Custom ROM updates; Census app outed; AirPlay for Android


Fans of custom Android(s goog) software should be happier this week thanks to a centralized service created for developers. Called OTA Update Center, it gives the creators of custom ROMs a place to store their software; helpful because without the service, these developers have to maintain or rent server space for their software. And Android device owners gain one place to get new ROMs or update their current ones, with full support for updates over the air.

Put together, this provides an infrastructure similar to what the network operators and handset makers have at their disposal for Android updates. The big difference, of course, is that OTA Update Center cuts out both of those parties and places control of Android software in the hands of users and developers. This would let device owners grab incremental ROM updates when they become available and would eliminate any need to connect their Android phone or tablet to a computer for the software installation.

If it seems like everyone is creating apps, these days, maybe that’s because they are. The U.S. Census Bureau released an Android app this week, but don’t get too excited: The software doesn’t take the place of the paper census forms we fill out every decade. Instead, the free app, called America’s Economy, provides updated information on the country’s economy. More than a dozen key economic indicators are shown in the app, updated in real-time as new data becomes available.

Since the economy is still in the doldrums, I may pass on that app, but I’m using Android HiFi now on a daily basis. This free software uses Apple’s AirPlay(s aapl) technology to stream an iTunes library to an Android phone or tablet over a Wi-Fi network. It works well and alleviates the need to keep an iTunes library in sync with an Android device. Making it better is a second app I found later in the week called Remote for iTunes.

I’m using the trial version of Remote for iTunes now and the full, paid version costs $4.99. While Android HiFi is good for listening to iTunes music, it doesn’t allow for remote control of that music; essentially, it acts as a server to play music. That’s where Remote for iTunes comes in to play. Now I can change tracks, albums, playlists or more in iTunes from my Android and even choose which speakers to use for playback. Of course, because of Android HiFi, one of those speaker choices is my Android device, making these apps a perfect pair.



I can’t imagine people actually choose to use itunes. Not the type that are going to try to stream it. There are a ton of different ways to setup dlna Servers and stream music and video to phones, Xbox, smart TVs etc. Step 1. Get all your music off itunes. Step 2. Upload it to Google Music. Step 3. Stop worrying about syncing your phone anymore. Step 4. If you don’t have an ipad, uninstall itunes.

Reboot Life

There seems to be a lot of people recommending using Google Music, keep your stuff where it should be, in your own possession.

One day when you wake up you will find that you sleep walked into a prison with the Google logo on it, wearing Google pajamas and Google slippers after sleeping with your wife using a Google condom.

But wait, you manage to escape when the guards are distracted laughing their heads off after downloading the data from your Google condom. Oppps…. forget about the Google GPS transmitter implanted in your arse years ago. Quickly you take a hammer and beat the sh1t out of your bum until you hear a little ‘crack’ which means you have disabled the device.

Oh No!!! Damm, missed the Google contact lenses that share what you see with the authorities (on request of course) and you end up fitted with the new range of Google fluffy handcuffs, soft but unbreakable. An escort of driverless cars takes you safely back to the slammer.

By the time you realize what you have done to your life that you can’t get it back., all because you couldn’t be bothered to get a decent size SD card, carry the music , data, and whatever else with you, and/or setup vpn access and/or a SECURE/personal cloud based provider., your life will be fair game.

It will be too late, give any company too much power over your information and personal life [yes the little things matter] and you will find yourself at their mercy and will REGRET IT one day when they let you down, and EVERY company let’s you down at some point in your life, sometimes many times and you would never know it.

Google is not as bad as Apple , yet, but when any company has too much power abuse will eventually follow………………


dude i used your train of thought in my article for my college magazine ..its non profit obviously but i wanted to let you know. hope you don mind :) if you do my email id is pls let me know!

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