Today in Social

Google invited some search watchers to a breakfast yesterday where it told a story of how it’s tying together some features it has previously shown. Google has talked about a Big Data driven “knowledge graph” before and says the results of that will start showing up in English-speaking countries now. It’s a way to add behind the scenes contextual interpretations to searches, and Google showed a rare user interface change that uses a carousel of images. Google also announced an opt-in trial where search results can make use of and display Gmail information. And finally, it re-demo’d its voice-integrated mobile search that many observers think is more effective than Apple’s Siri. The takeaway? At least in search, Google has no shortage of innovation, and its massive web index still gives it huge advantages over would-be competitors. No mention of social search, but, then, that’s not a Google strength, though it hasn’t hurt its market share.