Today in Cleantech

Oracle has released a study of 333 C-level executives in 11 industries from the U.S. and Canada, polling management about how it feels about the deluge of big data impacting its businesses. 93 percent of execs said their organizations were losing revenue as a result of not being able to fully leverage the data they collect, and unfortunately for utilities and the smart grid, 39 percent of those in utility industry graded themselves a “D” or an “F” when it comes to their preparedness for big data. Utilities and the public sector received the lowest grades while those in the communications sector felt best prepared. This information is not entirely surprising. Utilities have never been IT companies and have been one of the last sectors to give up analog technology behavior, like sending a meter reader to read an electricity reader that is still built with gears and moving parts. But that’s all changing as the big data tsunami of automated meter reading and millions of data points forces utilities to look to outside consulting and IT companies for help. It makes you wonder if utilities will soon be hiring CEOs, not from the energy sector, but from the IT sector.