Move over Amazon MP3 store, Spotify hits Kindle Fire

Hope you have room for another music app on that Kindle Fire(s amzn): Spotify is now available in the Amazon Appstore for the small slate. The software is free and provides ad-supported access to the millions of tracks in Spotify’s digital music library. While Kindle Fire owners can play music from the native Amazon MP3 app, those tracks must be purchased or uploaded; Spotify is more akin to a custom online radio station.

Like its native Android counterpart(s goog), the Spotify app for Kindle Fire offers a free two-day trial to Spotify’s Premium service. That removes the advertisements, but more importantly, includes support for offline playback. This feature is key for the Kindle Fire as it’s a Wi-Fi-only device. If you’re out of the range of a hotspot or home network, the Spotify app will go silent without a connection for the free version of the service.

Spotify for Kindle Fire also includes support for playlist creation — the average Spotify playlist is 170 songs, by the way — which can be shared with other Spotify users. Again, you’ll need a connection to initiate such sharing. Other features include a new slide-out navigation method, high-resolution album art, related artists and 320 kbps sound quality.

Sounds good; if we weren’t an Rdio family, I’d already have installed Spotify on my wife’s Kindle Fire. Maybe when Spotify Premium offers a family plan with discounts, I’ll reconsider!