Samsung bets heavily on the stylus with new Galaxy Note 10.1


An updated version of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet will launch worldwide in August, says the company, which published a YouTube video(s goog) demonstration of the device. Like the company’s Galaxy Note, the new Android 4.0 tablet will include Samsung’s S-Pen to help differentiate it from other products. The digital pen launches specific “pen-friendly” apps when removed from its slot in the tablet and the slate offers a unique multitasking solution that shows two apps at the same time.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10.1 also boasts some hardware upgrades over the prior model. The company’s own 1.4 GHz quad-core processor and 1280 x 800 resolution display are paired with 2 GB of memory; double that of most Android phones and tablets. Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, will ship on the tablet, although I’d expect that the hardware can easily support an Android 4.1 upgrade. Samsung hasn’t made any statements regarding the Jelly Bean software on its new tablet.

Betting on the digital stylus may sound risky, but that strategy may be helping with the Galaxy Note smartphone, which also uses Samsung’s S-Pen. That 5.3-inch phone offers more space to actually write on the display. In its first five months of availability, the Galaxy Note passed 5 million sales and the number continues to grow. Samsung has also said it will be launching a successor to the Note later this month and I’d expect it too to take advantage of the digital pen hardware and optimized inking software.

Samsung hasn’t announced price details for its new Galaxy Note 10.1, which will be available in three models: Wi-Fi-only, Wi-Fi plus HSPA+ and, sometime after the initial launch, Wi-Fi plus LTE.



the s-pen uses wacom pen the same as the majority of bamboo drawing tablets. If they get windows 8 or a fully functional onenote on it I would buy one in a heart beat oh and it has to have palm rejection but that is easy to do with a real pen vs capacitive as even my old x61tablet had that feature.


This looks great, the only slightly disappointing spec (for me) is that they didn’t switch to a 1920×1200 screen. At last — real, accurate pen input (I presume they’re using S-Pen and not a capacitive stylus) on a full-size tablet!

The multitasking feature looks great too; I’ve been expecting something like this to happen since Google introduced the fragments API. I expect this will be built into 5.0 along with multi-user and desktop support.

Daniel Blois

Does it support palm rejection? without palm rejection pen input is almost useless


I don’t want a stylus, but I’m happy to see Samsung working on some aspects of design that aren’t just a refinement of what Apple has done.

Tytus Suski

Well, seems that if you have computer generated hands Galaxy Note may work for you.

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