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Facebook’s ad product guru to advise NY big data startup Sociocast

Gokul Rajaram,  recently described by Wired magazine as “the man who revs Facebook’s money engine,” is joining the advisory board of New York-based big data startup Sociocast.

Rajaram’s extensive background in ad tech, which includes managing Google’s AdSense network and advising several successful startups, would be a big asset as it scales up, Sociocast said Monday.

“It just gives us an enormous amount of visibility into what we should be building and our product roadmap,” said Albert Azout, co-founder and CEO of Sociocast, as well as co-founder of fashion platform Stylecaster. “But more so, it’s his ability to understand our technology and how to apply it … in the space.”

Rajaram, who joined Facebook in 2010 when the company bought his startup Chai Labs, is currently charged with leading the social network’s effort to prove its valuation through advertising. In addition to working at some of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies, he’s advised several startups, including Associated Content, which was acquired by Yahoo(s yhoo), Tumri, which was acquired by Collective Media, and SkillSlate, which was purchased by TaskRabbit.

Many companies, including Facebook(s fb), recognize that parsing big sets of data is at the heart of the problems they’re trying to solve, said Azout. Launched in 2011, Sociocast’s predictive analytics platform helps companies in advertising and media, gaming and retail analyze large and fast-moving streams of data to better understand and act on consumer behavior insights.

“Sociocast has positioned itself for massive growth. Its Big Data platform enables companies to transform their high-volume, high-velocity data sets into high-impact initiatives,” Gokul said in a statement. “I’m excited to help Sociocast manage their growth and create a product roadmap.”

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