Should your startup have mandatory “Work from home Wednesdays?”


It’s easy to get myopic at a startup and become too focused on results and milestones instead of taking a step back and thinking about the big picture. ThredUP‘s co-founder and CEO, James Reinhart, wanted to give his team a chance to take that breather, so the company initiated mandatory “work from home Wednesdays.” Employees are expected to put in a full day’s work, but they are not allowed to do it at the office. The results, said Reinhart, have been increased productivity and greater employee satisfaction.

In this episode of See Founders Run, Reinhart talks about the benefits of this policy, what to think about if you want to implement something similar, and why “work from home Fridays” is not a good idea.


anne anderson

This is a great article. I’ve worked from home for 12 years and more companies than you think have work from home days. In fact, one company I used to work for, Lockheed Martin, had an “in the office” day. I went in on Monday and worked from home Tuesday through Friday.

I personally feel that I was much more productive working from home simply because I did waste time “around the water cooler”.

I now work at home full time freelancing for a couple of large international companies and couldn’t be happier.

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Tarek Koudsi

Interesting. How long has this been tried for? Is there any data that supports the claim for productivity boosts?

Chris Albrecht

Hi Tarek,

The company’s been doing it for roughly a year now. They didn’t provide any stats, but if productivity had gone south, I imagine they’d have dropped it slightly less than roughly a year ago.

Dan DeMeyere

I’m a developer at thredUP and we use GitHub to store our code, which has a number of stats it provides about the number of code commits developers make throughout the week. Wednesday (by far) has the biggest output of any day.
As a thredUP employee, I love WFHW as it provides a really nice change of pace that breaks up the week and keeps everything fresh. As James also mentioned, it gives you a designated day each week that you know have to yourself for uninterrupted focus.

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