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Official Nexus 7 dock appears then plays hide-and-seek

New Nexus 7(s goog) tablet owners like myself are wondering when the slate will get a dock. After all, there are metal pins on the side of the device, which are typically used for docking and charging solutions. According to Swedish site NordicHardware, there is an official dock coming later in August based on leaked images and specifications. They’re likely the real deal as the site pulled down its blog post “by request.”

Luckily, others such as Droid-Life captured the information, which show a landscape orientation dock expected to cost $49.99 with an anticipated launch targeted for the week of August 24. According to the data, the dock will use a microUSB cord and wall charger, which will refresh the Nexus 7 battery through the metal pins. Also included is a 3.5 millimeter jack for external speakers. The Nexus 7 will likely change to a software “dock mode” when placed into the accessory.

Also planned is a $39.99 premium leather cover that doubles as a stand for the Nexus, which could be handy for watching videos when not docked. The leaked information shows that more color choices will be coming to the standard Nexus case, which is currently available in dark gray for $19.99.

If these products are legitimate — and based on the post takedown, I suspect they are — I could see a Nexus 7 dock in my future. Currently, I plug the tablet in and leave it on my nightstand, but it’s not readily useful. With the tablet in an angled view and still taking a charge, the Nexus 7 would be a handy bedside media player and alarm clock.

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    • It doesnt connect there. If you look at the longer side of a Nexus 7 you will see some small metal contacts which some people seem to be calling pogo pin contacts. these metal dimples are where the dock makes its connection. What I want to know is if the usb connector will be useable while docked. I could then use this as a headunit in my car with a small usb hd tucked in the dash connected via usb and still charge the Nexus 7.

  1. Craig Wolf

    This will be perfect for gaming. I have the Sixaxis app on my N7 and the Dual Shock 3 controllers work perfectly (after rooting which is a breeze on nexus devices – literally one click). Can’t wait to get the dock, but as of writing this on 9/2, still can’t find one anywhere. =(