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Appsfire buys Appstatics, a mobile tool for tracking an app’s popularity

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As part of its strategy to provide information on the best mobile apps available, Appsfire is buying itself an app. On Tuesday the company is announcing that it has purchased and is relaunching iOS app(s AAPL) Appstatics from Mos Internet Technologies. Appsfire did not disclose what it paid for the app, but it had plenty to say about its plans it.

Appstatics is an app you can download to follow the sales progress of any iOS app once it hits Apple’s App Store. After searching for an app, you can see how it ranks on a global basis, and in any individual country’s app store, either free or paid. The app also provides data showing which apps are having a particularly hot week or month. This tool will be most useful to developers who want to see how buyers are responding to their app, but can also be an aid to advertisers, investors or anyone trying to understand mobile app buying trends.

The company explained the decision in a blog post:

We tried a variety of solutions like Appannie (a great service by the way) which works well on the computer, but was very impossible to use on the mobile. A few apps existed in the App store too, but we couldn’t find any that were making us happy on a daily basis both in user experience and quality of data.

We were even thinking about building one from scratch. When we discovered that a couple of guys created Appstatics, a wonderful app to do exactly that and we believe it would be a great foundation for what we wanted to do.

Appsfire has been on a mission to help consumers and developers understand the trends surrounding Apple’s gargantuan mobile app store, which now counts over 650,000 apps. Last week it unveiled a new analytics service that ranks the most popular apps based on an app’s App Store star ratings from users, social media buzz as well as the developer’s overall reputation — not simply the most downloads, which is the way Apple itself ranks the top apps. The acquisition of Appstatics is just another stream of data it can offer users who want insight into an app’s performance. Surfacing quality apps for buyers is one of the App Store’s biggest challenges, and several companies have popped up to try to solve the problem, both for buyers and developers.

Appstatics normally sells for $1.99, but to raise awareness Appsfire is going to offer it for free for one week.