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After 2 days, OS X Mountain Lion adoption already outrunning Lion

Just 48 hours after being released to the public, Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion(s AAPL) is on pace for a faster uptake than 2011’s OS X Lion. As of Friday, Mountain Lion has been installed on 3.2 percent of all Macs, according to Chitika Insights.

Chitika’s data, which is culled from its extensive ad network, showed that Lion remained at 14 percent adoption still three months after it was released last summer. As the chart below shows, the most popular Mac OS X version is the version that came before Lion, OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, which is on 45.5 percent of Macs still.

Two possible reasons why the adoption of Mountain Lion is outpacing Lion: Mountain Lion is a bit cheaper than Lion at $19.99 compared to $29.99. But Lion was also considered a largely evolutionary upgrade and, as Om put it, was a confusing cacophony of new features. Mountain Lion, on the other hand, has been positively reviewed as a much better upgrade, and includes some very important pieces to Apple’s overall product vision, including iCloud.

11 Responses to “After 2 days, OS X Mountain Lion adoption already outrunning Lion”

  1. My Guest

    Neither Lion or Mountain Lion bring anything significant to the table in terms of features. In fact, useful information like remaining disc space is no longer displayed at the bottom of the window. The big issue is the cost of upgrading. It’s not the price of the OS, I have several older Adobe products that would require me to buy the whole new version. For example, I bit the bullet and bought Photoshop years ago (at around $700) because that’s what I use at work. I don’t want to have to learn two programs. But I have never upgraded from CS1 and to buy the latest version would be another huge investment. It’s true Adobe now has a subscription service, but why should I pay $220 a year for casual use of a product I bought and paid for years ago? Again, the upgrades over the years haven’t been significant. Then you multiply that across several other expensive programs that don’t work on the Intel chip Macs and you’re talking about several thousand dollars. I know I’ll eventually have to walk away from Photoshop at home and use Elements…and then abandon use of the other programs, but I’m going to hang on to Snow Leopard as long as I can.

    • I don’t get that comment. First you write “For example, I bit the bullet and bought Photoshop years ago (at around $700) because that’s what I use at work.”, and then you turn around saying “but why should I pay $220 a year for casual use of a product I bought and paid for years ago?”. Which is it?
      Makes me think the whole post is about posting something negative about Apple, even though it’s Adobe’s pricing you rag on about.

      • +1
        If you make a dollar using PS (and your Apple equipment for that matter) then you respect the fact that there will always be progress that requires a $ contribution, but if you use it for a hobby then there are a ton of virtually free alternatives to play with. The top post also seems to having a rant having upgraded from snow leopard.. come on.. I’ve just upgraded 4 Lion machines and they have been seamless – it’s faster and cleaner under the hood I’m sure.. the sun keeps rising people.

  2. Reality24

    I just want to know, where is my cool new wallpaper of a Mountain Lion? It used to be that with every release there would be a cool picture of the mascot. But I didn’t/don’t see a cool Mountain Lion wallpaper. Am I blind? What’s up with that?

  3. JustDl Betty

    It does not matter, it’s not worth it. I want to disable the “mobile and share” features, also the stupid Notification Center. The Mail, messages, etc all WORKED fine but I did not and do not want them. With it supposedly being a part of the purchase of our MBP we could not download it, only NEW paying customers, we were told it would be at least 72 hours so right now I am not happy with Apple or Mountain Lion. My Mac is not “mobile”. I already had Eye One which would play anything on my Mac on the TV, speakers etc, so I did not need “Air Play” so I don’t honestly know what I paid for. I should have waited the 72 hours! I have issues when Windows releases new OS’s also, and Windows 8 is going to have a long wait before it is installed. Yes we use both OS, and both companies PC’s. It’s possible to do that and not fight.

  4. winski

    Well, let’s look at a couple of other issues as well… IMMEDIATELY, after Mountain Lion installs, AND you TRY and start various, STANDARD, applications like mail, contacts or Safari, be REAL careful what happens…. Let’s start with ‘Contects’ (address book) … On my install TODAY, the initial setup thought my old pop mail account was in fact an iCloud account… UGLY. So, the way that Mountain Lion looks at ‘contacts’ as part of ‘mail’ and iCloud is a bit odd. Mountain Lion could not figure out who it was or what it was or where to go to find out when trying to ‘update’ my contacts database (217 entries) …. It just sits and churns in a loop FOREVER. Luckily, I was sitting at a Genius Bar, otherwise I would STILL be trying to figure this out. A ‘genius’ helped me by deleting some .plist files (he did it too fast for me to follow) but it was not fun.

    THEN, because the initial setup process thought my old pop account was an iCloud account and allegedly messed up my ‘contacts’ database, when I started the Mountain Lion MAIL client, things got REAL strange… the new Mail just IGNORED almost all of the mail FOLDERS in my mail client from Snow Leopard… Just ignored them… I had to retrieve my latest Time Machine back-up and get my old email folders from that back-up. NOW, I have to IMPORT these into the new Mountain Lion mail client… This will take hours…

    All in all… UGLY. AND, I was at an Apple Store !!!!!