Director Roland Emmerich turns entrepreneur with ‘earn-per-view’ film portal


You’ll know him as the man behind blockbusters such as Independence Day and 2012 (and Universal Soldier, but we’ll let that pass), but it turns out that German film director Roland Emmerich has an entrepreneurial bent as well.

His new project is Flimmer (German for ‘flicker’). We don’t know a huge amount about it, other than its promise to deliver “a unique approach to the marketing of films and games.”

Flimmer’s preliminary homepage includes the tagline “Earn Per View”, and local media reports have quoted the company as saying it is “the first film portal where the user is rewarded for paying attention to the trailer”. It all sounds a bit confusing, and Flimmer’s press spokesman wasn’t available for comment, so we’ll just have to wildly guess that it’s some kind of breakthrough in the evolution of the content industry. Or not.

According to Deutsche Startups, Emmerich’s partner is another (albeit less well-known) German director, Marco Kreuzpaintner. The company is also being run by a film producer, Christopher Zwickler.

In case you’re thinking this is all a bit too creative-heavy, there does appear to be an established business brain in the team, in the form of Alexander Artopé, CEO of peer-to-peer credit marketplace Smava.

We shall find out more when Flimmer goes live in Germany on August 16 — including whether or not it will be an international play.


Jackson Dowland

has bad written all over it. in a time when it’s getting harder to justify ad based models, the idea of actively paying people to watch something seems more than ridiculous. funny when non-web/business folk have too much money and a group of yes-folk around them looking to take it.

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