Google releases 3D maps app for iOS months before Apple’s will be ready


Google(s GOOG) apparently didn’t spend time pouting over Apple’s(s AAPL) plans to displace its Google Maps app for iOS with its own. Instead, it went to work: On Thursday the company announced in a blog post that it has now added 3D imagery to its Google Earth for iOS app.

By swiping over Google Earth images on an iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or new iPad, users can feel like they’re virtually flying over cityscapes. Right now the feature works for 12 regions, mostly in the western U.S., and one city in Europe (Rome). The U.S. cities include: Boulder, Colo., Boston, Charlotte, N.C., Lawrence, Kan., Long Beach, Calif., Los Angeles, Portland, Ore., San Diego, Santa Cruz, Calif., Tampa, Fla., Tucson, Ariz., and San Francisco, plus its East Bay and Peninsula neighbors.

Google announced the feature in a what appeared to be a hastily called press conference ahead of Apple’s WWDC conference in June. As expected, at its event Apple announced its own maps effort, which will include turn-by-turn directions and a Flyover feature that shows cities in 3D from above, similar to what Google has done with Google Earth. The falling out over Maps was a glaring example of Apple’s growing distaste for giving Google any kind of platform on Apple’s own products.

While there are some differences in the two companies’ offerings (for example, Apple’s Flyover feature so far includes 11 cities, and the mix is a bit more international in flavor) the biggest one is this: Apple’s much-lauded Flyover feature, and the entire maps for iOS package won’t be delivered until sometime this fall when iOS 6 is released. And Google’s is available now.



Comparing the quality of the two, it does not seem like Google spent any time learning how to render decent images as well. The Google 3D maps are really really poor quality compared to te same area iOS 6 has covered.


How do you know even before you have used the feature on ios 6 which is still not available? Stop speculating fan boys! Apple does not do everything right. I hope apple fails miserably on its first outing with maps. An arrogant company


As a developer who has access to iOS6 in beta I can say I agree with Steven. So far (even in beta) the Apple maps in 3D are better.


I’m surprised you didn’t say you hope Apple fails on *everything.*

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