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AppFog, the PHP-PaaS has pivoted – it’s now offering support for more languages, but principally has added the Cloud Foundry API to its stack, allowing it to run atop Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft and HP clouds. This in turn lets its customers move across these clouds at the click of a button, it claims. In one move it has demonstrated that the infrastructure layer really is just plumbing and we shouldn’t be fussing or stressing over it. If we have to, simply move to another IaaS. AppFog wants to be the front-end to all clouds and as part of that is normalizing all the different pricing elements of each cloud IaaS provider. If it works as advertised, it’s on to a winner as after security, vendor lock-in and pricing confusion are major reasons IT shops are reluctant to use cloud services. Ultimately, AppFog’s¬†goal is to do to PaaS what Google did for email – make it simple, affordable and immensely scalable. It’s a tall order, but exciting to see a startup genuinely raising the bar on existing approaches.