Why Crowdtilt sent out 1,000 handwritten thank you notes [video]

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A little piece of paper can go a long way in this digital world. Just ask James Beshara, co-founder and CEO of Crowdtilt, a crowdfunding platform for small groups of friends. Beshara and his co-founder sent out handwritten notes to the first 1,000 campaign administrators on the site, thanking them for using the service. According to Beshara, this personal touch gave the small startup a lot of goodwill with customers, especially when things on the service went wrong.

In this episode of See Founders Run, Beshara explains why they make real-world interactions a priority, how to succeed with them, and the additional social media bonus of thank-you cards.

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James B

Thanks so much, Chris! The interview was a blast, and I hope my rambling was useful to any other entrepreneurs out there :)

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