Smart home company raises $136M


Updated: A twelve-year-old company that makes wireless security and energy management systems called has just closed a round of $136 million in equity according to a filing. The Virginia-based company confirmed the round with me, but wouldn’t disclose any more details.

A couple years ago investors ABS Capital, Equis Capital and’s CEO Steve Trundle acquired from a firm called MicroStrategy that had majority share. I would speculate that at least part of the new funds come from those acquiring investors. Update: The company announced on Thursday that the investment came from Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV). makes connected security and smart home systems that use cellular networks and mobile apps to enable customers to manage their homes. The security system has connected video cameras, and door, window and cabinet sensors, while the home management system has connected thermostats and controllable lighting. says it has 1 million subscribers for its services, and recently signed a partnership to use Verizon Wireless’ network. Verizon is interested in renting space on its network for so-called machine-to-machine services.


Big Ben

And yet there is another small company that blows everything these guys do away in big way. Hope they spend a little of that money improving their apps.


Tell me. I put 2gether remoe managemt some rentals. I’ll sell for a million less!

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