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Pontiflex launches automated social email tool for merchants

When Pontiflex in March opened up AdLeads, a self-service program for small businesses to run their own mobile sign-up ads, it was a hit with many merchants. But the problem for many business owners was that they didn’t have the time or the sophistication to make the most of the email addresses users were handing over.

Now Pontiflex is working to solve that with the roll out of Social FollowUp, a free tool that enables merchants to automatically send out emails that are algorithmically built from their social media updates and content. Social FollowUp takes what a business is pushing out on Facebook (s fb) or Twitter and reformats it into an email that can highlight deals, announce new products or promote upcoming events at a business.

AdLeads allows businesses to run geo-targeted sign-up campaigns on iOS (s aapl) and Android (goog) apps. With sign-up ads, businesses only pay when a user signs up to see their ad and agrees to get emails from an advertiser. AdLeads previously connected to Constant Contact and other email providers to help businesses manage their email campaigns. But many businesses just didn’t have the bandwidth or savvy to make full use of emails, said Pontiflex CEO and co-founder Zepherin Lasker.

He said Social FollowUp allows businesses to re-use the work they’re doing on social media and meld their social and email channels together. And it can help drive users to follow a business on Facebook or Twitter if they’re not already doing it.

Social FollowUp uses an algorithm to harvest Facebook and Twitter content. It cuts down on repetitive stuff, looks for fresh news and limits how many times users see certain types of content. Merchants can also use hashtags to select specific content to highlight or send specific emails around events, deals or coupons.

AdLeads has been adding about 2,000 businesses a month now and is up to well over 7,500 businesses on the platform. The service is available in 27 countries.