PaaS products are the next cloud revolution. Are you ready?


Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings represent the next evolution of the cloud, and they are revolutionizing the way organizations build software. In this GigaOM Pro webinar, we will address the issues that businesses, both large and small, need to consider when creating and executing a PaaS strategy. This includes identifying development and business requirements, understanding the current PaaS marketplace, picking the first project and, importantly, understanding how PaaS technology will alter existing roles.

Speakers include:

Our panel of experts will discuss these topics and more:

  • The current landscape of PaaS providers
  • The core value of IaaS offerings vs. PaaS offerings
  • Key considerations such as security, availability and control

Register here to join GigaOM Pro and our sponsor Engine Yard for this free analyst roundtable discussion on Wednesday July 25, 2012, at 10 a.m. PDT.


Jeff Putz

“Next?” Microsoft has been doing PaaS for a few years, well, and they were criticized for not providing IaaS until recently.

Derek Thomas

Cloud-based computing software is a new technology which businesses are embracing. Not everyone fully understands the capabilities of the software, but people should be aware that utilizing cloud computing could give their company a competitive edge in their industry. It’s great seeing people offer webinars, such as this one, providing information on how to implement strategies using the software. My equipment leasing company has realized the potential of cloud computing and we have been working with businesses all over the United States to finance cloud-based computing software. I believe this is something that may become a new standard for businesses everywhere in the future.

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