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Connected health: hype or hope for a new revolution?

Our current health care system is in need of a radical reinvention. Traditional approaches have not brought the rapid change required by aging populations and the rising costs of health care, and government efforts too often get bogged down in partisan politics and fail to address systemic issues.

Thankfully, there is hope on the horizon. New approaches that embrace game-changing technology — mobile networks, big data, social media and the Internet of things — could completely disrupt the status quo and transform the health care system.

In GigaOM’s original ebook, Jody Ranck, DrPH, provides a comprehensive overview of the emerging connected-health ecosystem, including the startups and traditional technology players shaping the future of health care. He also outlines the government’s innovative approaches that demonstrate the need to move beyond the tired rhetoric of big government versus the market.

As Paul Sonnier, the head of Digital Health at Popper and Company and founder of the LinkedIn Digital Health Group, said about Jody Ranck’s book, “Jody Ranck weaves a cogent and compelling narrative capturing the essence of the escalating super-convergence occurring between the digital revolution, personal health, and health care delivery.”If you have a Kindle, iPad or Nook, you can buy it direct on Amazon, Apple or B&N today, or read more at GigaOM Books.