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Sneak peek: A first look at GetGlue HD (video)

GetGlue is about to roll out a significant update of its mobile app that moves the service beyond check-ins and towards a personalized programming guide. The new app is called GetGlue HD, and GetGlue founder and CEO Alex Iskold stopped by the GigaOM office in San Francisco the other day to tell us all about it. Check out the video below for a first look:

Iskold told me that GetGlue HD will be released later this summer, and that the company will make it available on iOS first. He also said that this will be squarely focused on TV; GetGlue started out offering check-ins for all kinds of media, including books and music, but TV has long been the most popular use case.

GetGlue isn’t the only company trying to use social data to improve on the traditional TV guide. Other contenders include Peel, as well as the original However, Iskold said that GetGlue’s advantage lies in the data it’s been accumulating with its check-in service. Altogether, GetGlue has amassed some 500 million data points about TV viewing behaviour, including check-ins and likes, he said.

3 Responses to “Sneak peek: A first look at GetGlue HD (video)”

  1. TaintedShirt

    GetGlue HD, why not call it TV plus? GetGlue is not just a tv discussion site. People meet online to talk about books, gardening, coffee anything.

    It’s a shame when you see CEO Alex Iskold miss what a lot of his users are actually doing.

    In the video, Alex mentions that the new app knows what time it is and displays the shows relevant to you. Well that’s just brill, that makes absolutely no sense in a world of netflix or on demand.

  2. It will be cool if they make it work properly at all, unlike the current flavour of GetGlue which barely works on a web browser, and is even further limited/broken in just about every mobile or tablet app that is out there.