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Foodspotting not just for eating out: adds GrubHub ordering

Foodspotting, the app created for browsing pictures of a restaurant’s dishes, just added a new feature that will bring the food you like to you. In an update to its iOS (s AAPL) and Android(s GOOG) apps on Thursday, Foodspotting now enables GrubHub ordering. It’s yet another addition that is helping to turn Foodspotting into a useful tool rather than just a photo feed.

GrubHub is a web-based food delivery service that’s available in hundreds of U.S. cities. With the Foodspotting update, an “order now” button will be added to restaurants’ “About this Place” pages in the app. Clicking it will take users to a mobile GrubHub site that doesn’t require any additional log in.

Adding a service that enables users to order food in represents a bit of a change in how Foodspotting is typically used, which is to say, people use it to find food to eat in a restaurant. But it also makes the service more useful to any type of dining, and having broader appeal is Foodspotting’s goal.

This update is yet another addition to the food-finding app that has moved it beyond a social network for people who like to photograph their food. In recent months, the San Francisco-based startup has also added functionality that’s turned it into a more useful tool: in May it added Yelp(s YELP) restaurant ratings, OpenTable(s OPEN) reservations and imported menus from Single Platform.