That was quick: How to root and unlock the Nexus 7


Google(s goog) is just starting to get its new Nexus 7 tablet in the hands of customers and already there’s a documented method to get hacking on the small slate. Liliputing offers up a step-by-step list to root the device, unlock the bootloader so you can install custom software and also replace the standard recovery software with a third-party version.

The full list of steps shouldn’t take long to run through and it’s probably best to do this as soon as you get a Nexus 7, if you want to do so at all, that is: This process will completely delete all of your data and programs. Here’s a video walk-through if you’re not sure what the process entails.

Unlocking the bootloader simply enables the installation of custom ROMs or kernels; the software that makes Android tick. And the customer recovery installation is what’s used to put custom ROMs on a device. I’ve flashed a number of custom ROMs on my Nexus devices in the past, but I don’t think I’ll be doing the same for a while on the Nexus 7. The Jelly Bean version of Android for now is quite nice as is, as noted in my review. Still, this instruction list is handy enough for me to bookmark for future use — I’ve never met a custom Android ROM I didn’t like.



If I do unlock my Nexus 7, will I not be able to receive a OTA update for my Nexus 7 ? Also It seems I will be able to take backup using TWRP only after unlocking and rooting my Nexus, is that true ?

Roshan Shrestha

Does Titanium do a device backup? I thought it only backed up apps and other data. I have always booted to Clockworkmod recovery to make a “nandroid” backup.

Roshan Shrestha

Interesting, I used the same software last night to root my Nexus 7 that I received the same day!

One extra hassle for me though. My table was not being recognized by the software or through the ADB command line. I had to install the Google USB driver as mentioned here:

After rebooting my PC, everything went just fine.

One reason I rooted my tablet was so that I could use “Stickmount” app to mount USB thumb drives and other card readers, using a USB-OTG cable (can be had for less than $2 SHIPPED from Amazon and EBay).

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