Norway has more bandwidth than all of Africa & other broadband gaps

Broadband use in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America are growing incredibly quickly, but developed nations are still the heaviest broadband users. This research out from Telegeography today shouldn’t come as any big surprise but the fact that Norway has access to more bandwidth than the entire African continent sure does.

In 2011, there was 677 Gigabits per second of used capacity connected to Africa and 729 Gbps of used capacity connected to Norway. For perspective, almost 23 Terabits per second of capacity connects North America. The Middle East has access to 2.3 Terabits of capacity, a boost of 98 percent from the previous year, while Latin America has 5.6 Tbps. And all areas of the world are growing.

International bandwidth usage grew 45 percent in 2011. And demand is still strong with aggregate capacity requirements more than doubling every two years. In developing countries, broadband subscriber growth is driving the need for more capacity, while in places such as North America and Latin America desire faster web speeds and more bandwidth applications — from streaming video to cloud computing.