Today in Social

Turning circulars into instant local offers sounds like a clever idea, even if none of ShopLocal’s retail partners have signed on yet. Dealing with local merchants – even national chains – is a huge challenge in scale for any company. But it lends itself to partnerships for aggregation and distribution, as well as access to big existing audiences. At one point, Yahoo was developing decent relationships with newspapers – they could play a role in filling that scale problem, too. New CEO Marissa Mayer was managing a handful of local products at Google. She might see some local opportunity to juice up Yahoo’s pedestrian results. BIA/Kelsey has online capturing an 11 percent share of local ad dollars this year. Mobile advertising will take a long time to play out, but online local ads and content might be a path towards a mobile payoff. They have to be at least as attractive as trying to fix Flickr, check-ins or mobile browsers.