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Sobering health stats get a Healthy Dose of Imagination

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The wonky world of healthcare is getting a rare chance to show off a lighter side.

Healthy Dose of Imagination, a microsite launched Tuesday by the values-focused New York investment group Collaborative Fund, pairs stats about medical conditions, healthcare spending and other health trends with whimsical animations and inspiring future scenarios based on the work of innovative startups and non-profits.

For example, it might offer a sobering statistic about the upcoming shortage of physicians:

But then it follows up with the more hopeful recognition that new startups, such as Sherpaa, iCouch and others, are starting to make primary care as painless as online shopping.

“The project came out of the idea that we might be able to inspire people and younger entrepreneurs to find creative solutions to problems that are facing healthcare,” said Collaborative Fund investor Karyn Campbell. “We were faced with a wealth of information about the problems and a wealth of information about the solutions. Trying to find way to mash all that together in a fun and creative way was the challenge.” It gives the Collaborative Fund a way to get more exposure while also recognizing the work of emerging startups in the healthcare space.

Launched in 2010, the Collaborative Fund invests in collaborative consumption-oriented startups, as well as those that are values-based, including Kickstarter, Skillshare and TaskRabbit.

Campbell said the new site, which was created in partnership with a designer, developer and animator, references about 50 startups culled from a partnership with Startup America. Now that the microsite is live, visitors can recommend startups to add.

One Response to “Sobering health stats get a Healthy Dose of Imagination”

  1. daTruf

    there is no “creative solution” to our problems unless that creative solution is a single payer universal healthcare system with 0 co-pays. that is the most efficent way to keep a population healthy, every other western country figured this out 60 years ago. the time for universal healthcare is NOW!