NoSQL startup Basho raises $11.1M and storms Japan

Basho Technologies, the company behind the Riak NoSQL database and the Riak CS cloud storage platform, has raised $11.1 million and has entered into a partnership to distribute its technology throughout Japan. Most of the new money, $6.1 million, came from IDC Frontier, a data center provider and Yahoo (s yhoo) Japan subsidiary that will use Basho’s technology in its data centers to provide distributed data services to its customers. IDC Frontier’s investment comes on top of a $5 million Series F investment from Georgetown Partners last month.

The IDC Frontier partnership appears to focus on Riak CS, the Amazon S3-like cloud storage platform that Basho released in March. IDC Frontier offers cloud computing services as well as data center space, and Riak CS will provide it with a scalable, multi-tenant object storage system that actually works with the Amazon S3 APIs. That’s good for customers that are either used to S3 already or like the idea of not having to learn new APIs should they decide to leave a Riak CS-based service for S3.

Covering the Riak CS release, my colleague Barb Darrow wrote:

While RiakCS storage is based on the open-source version of the company’s Riak NoSQL database, it includes other proprietary software to handle multi-tenancy and support large object storage. … RiakCS’s ability to run on the cheapest commodity hardware and failover gracefully as needed, means that third party cloud providers really will be able to compete with Amazon on price.

Basho’s flagship software is still the core Riak key-value database, though. It’s that technology — open source, but developed by Basho rather than an open source project — that has attracted most of the company’s big-name users and new CEO Don Rippert, formerly CTO at Accenture. Basho’s total funding is something of a mystery, but the new money does bring its funding in the past year to $23.6 million.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock user brainpencil.