What the heck is iCloud again? Plus 4 other Apple stories to read today

With so many people writing about Apple(s AAPL), finding the best stories and reports isn’t easy. Here’s our daily pick of stories about the company from around the Web that you shouldn’t miss:

  • iCloud users are reporting being prompted to buy additional storage space as they approach the 5GB limit that Apple offers free to all customers. One problem: turns out plenty of iCloud users have no idea what iCloud is, or that they’re using it. Buzzfeed FWD has the (rather amusing) story.
  • After the Apple/EPEAT kerfuffle last week in which Apple admitted leaving the environmental impact rankings was a mistake, its MacBook Pro with Retina display suddenly popped up with an EPEAT Gold rating — a certification it hadn’t had before. How’d that happen? Turns out, as Ars Technica writes, manufacturers basically rank themselves on EPEAT’s scale before the organization weighs in.
  • Steve Jobs was very concerned about Google(s GOOG) potentially acquiring Yelp(s YELP). So he called up Yelp founder Jeremy Stoppelman and urged him not to sell out, according to the profile of Stoppelman in the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Asymco sums up the current state of inequality in the mobile industry: the iPhone has created $244 billion in value, Samsung has added $83 billion in value, while the other handset makers have “destroyed $37 billion.”
  • If Apple follows the same schedule for Mountain Lion’s official launch as it did for Lion’s last summer, then we’ll see it the day after Apple reports its quarterly earnings, which is scheduled for July 24. 9to5Mac seems to back up that theory with word that Apple stores have scheduled “overnight” store work for the evening of July 24, which would match up with the theory of a July 25 Mountain Lion release.