Sweet Valley Twins are back in a new digital-only series

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As St. Martin’s prepares to reissue the first 12 books from Francine Pascal’s beloved 1980s series “Sweet Valley High” this October, the publisher hopes to draw readers in with a series of six e-singles, “Sweet Life.” The first one was released July 15, and one will be released each Sunday through August 15. Each e-single is $1.99.

The “Sweet Life” e-singles pick up where last year’s Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later, a full-length “where are they now?” book about twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield at age 27, left off. Series creator Pascal writes on the Kindle Blog, “I figure at 30 [the age of the twins now], I can make them as sexy as I want, sexy enough to make ‘Desperate Housewives’ look like a Sunday sermon.” She describes her vision for the e-singles:

These would be novellas and each book would have cliff hangers and hook endings, more like a TV series or Dickens if you want to be classier.  In any case I’d do them so you wouldn’t be able to wait for the next one. The Good Wife would be my paradigm.

Other publishers have seen success releasing series of e-singles this summer. The first two e-singles in Hyperion’s “Derrick Storm” series hit the New York Times bestseller list, as did Dean Koontz’s three “Odd Interlude” novellas from Random House.

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They were already teenagers in the early 90s how the hell are they only 30 now?

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