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Video look at AT&T’s new Motorola Atrix HD

Motorola recently announced its new Atrix HD smartphone specifically for AT&T’s(s t) LTE network and a review unit just arrived a short while ago. My first impression is that at $99 with contract, this Android 4.0(s goog) handset will certainly get potential buyers looking at it in detail. Similar to the Motorola Droid Razr, the new Atrix HD is relatively thin but sturdy. Here’s a video look at the hardware, showing some size comparisons to the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S III, along with a quick peek at Motorola’s implemenation of Android 4.0.

Aside from the thinness, my eyes were immediately drawn to the 4.5-inch 1280 x 720 display, which is very crisp and clear. I’m still not a fan of the camera bump-out atop the device, but I can understand why it’s needed: The same area houses the headphone jack, speakers and ports for USB and HDMI. While the phone itself looks nice, I already like the optional landscape dock. Plugging the phone into the dock provides a number of dock options, including some that can be later downloaded.

Will the 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon suffice in the $99 Atrix HD? I’ll know after a full set of tests and some usage time, but I suspect it will provide enough horsepower for most. Paired with 1 GB of memory, this chipset should do fine. I’m leery of the 8 GB storage capacity — of which 4.98 GB are accessible on the review unit — but the microSD card slot will offsets that concern somewhat. More to follow as I use the Atrix HD for the next several days!

4 Responses to “Video look at AT&T’s new Motorola Atrix HD”

  1. Perhaps I missed it, but I have yet to see your full review for this phone. I really want to see what it’s capable of and if the internal storage is a major hindrance. I should be receiving my Atrix HD next week. It just so happens to be the replacement for my Atrix 4G which took a horrible turn for the worst when I got the dreaded wi-fi error.
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading your review

  2. fgoodwin

    Hopefully the Atrix HD has better wifi connectivity than the Atrix 4G. Mine will connect to my wireless router at home but it won’t connect to any others, not even the free/open wifi at the AT&T Phonecenter. Their solution? Replace it . . .