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Viacom and DirecTV take spat to Twitter while channels stay dark

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are still on vacation but Viacom(s via) corporate is channeling their spirits as part of an effort to communicate with frustrated DirecTV(s dtv) subscribers who can’t get their favorite shows. The inability of the programmer and the satellite operator to agree on a new contract has left viewers in the dark since just before midnight Tuesday while Viacom’s decision to keep current or new shows off its own sites only adds to the frustration. Talks picked up again Wednesday — and, according to Viacom, are ongoing — but with no visible signs of progress.

In the meantime, both sides are using everything they can to get their views across. Friday’s favorite so far — this interchange on Twitter:



Followed by:


And the quick retort:


DirecTV is winning on one front: @DirecTV has more than 66,000 followers while Viacom has just under 8,000 for its corpcom group account. But that’s just the corporate message — Viacom has network accounts and numerous celebs on Twitter as well.

And Disney is a winner too — the Viacom competitor finally gets its Disney Jr. on DirecTV basic effective Saturday.

Pox on both their houses




3 Responses to “Viacom and DirecTV take spat to Twitter while channels stay dark”

  1. I have DirecTV and pay $166 a month, which is way too GODDAMNED MUCH considering I am raped by fucking commercials/ads that run ad nauseum after paying nearly $200 every 30 days. While I love Jon Stewart, does he really need to be paid $14Million a year? Viacom wants this $1BILLION EXTRA MONEY because of these simply and truely overpaid entertainers. I am not paying another damn dime to DirecTV and by God they shouldnt give a single extra dime to Vitracom either, the vitriolic greedy fux. Everybody step back, take a deep breath, look at what a shallow whored out used & abused held together with duct tape fucking world system we are working with here. Every goddamned body get realistic for a minute, will ya fux? A 50% pay cut across the board for everybody in these 2 companies making $1Million a year, if you make a mil, keep it, any over and its slashed 50% right away. That way everyone becomes more human and we all get to have a laff at what a fucked-up polluted sinking shithole ran by spoiled sycophantic fux who are steering us into the sun. So before we burn, lets laff a little at it first… OK fux?