Photos: Next-gen solar tech at Intersolar


Solar polar bear

Here’s what I saw this year:


Dave Mackey

Beautiful. Though I’d love to know a bit more about each of these technologies and their availability/pricing/target audience.

Charles E. Campbell

Solar Energy is an exciting form of renewable energy, if greed can be removed from the equation. There are some exciting new innovations and technologies being developed. I propose a genome strategies where solar energy companies sign a collaborative agreement to form a single global research company that combines all forms of solar energy technologies and produce the best solar systems and consumer products that everyone can manufacture and sell and 25% of their profits must be sonated to continue funding the research company. Collaboration is the 21st century model, not competition or greed.

If this is done, I will share with the research company a global innovation in solar energy that will satisfy the planet’s entire energy needs. That’s a promise!

Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corpoation (AHEC)
Columbus, Ohio 43232

MySchizo Buddy

When will Seaward launch an IV Curve Tracer?
What is the power output and efficiency of just one array from Solfocus and Soitec?
Where is amonix, semprius and emcore?
What’s the website of Lucy New Energy Technology?

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