China gets the new iPad on July 20


That was fast. Just weeks after settling the dispute over iPad trademark rights in China, Apple(s AAPL) is set to sell its latest iPad device in the country. The new iPad will be available for sale in China starting July 20, Apple announced Tuesday.

The latest iPad model, with Retina display and option for cellular connectivity, will sell for the equivalent U.S. prices in China. It will be available from Apple online and from its six retail stores, as well as other authorized resellers.

The pre-order process will be a bit different than previous device launches. Apple is inviting customers to come to its stores in the country to make a reservation during a three-hour period, between 9 a.m. and noon starting Thursday, July 19. All reserved iPads can then be picked up the next day. Apple is clearly looking to avoid the chaos that has engulfed previous device launches at its stores in the country, like the iPhone 4S launch in January — lines became very long and near riots broke out, forcing Apple to call in local authorities and close down stores.

Apple had been entangled in a dispute over rights to the iPad name with Proview, the company that originally sold Apple the global trademark in late 2009. Last year Proview said that Apple didn’t properly purchase the rights to use the name in China. After almost a year of court battles, Apple settled with Proview for $60 million last week.

That decision to settle, while it could already be inviting additional trademark and copyright lawsuits in the country, clearly was the quickest path forward to getting the device on stores shelves in China.


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