Today in Cleantech

Venture investor Dave McClure, who founded 500 Startups, penned a blog post over the weekend that should make any investor or entrepreneur who is entering middle age and not had the success they’d dreamed of, feel less alone.  To be sure, McClure has done just fine, but still longs for that “brass ring” in his efforts to achieve a certain level of success. Union Square Ventures’s Fred Wilson reflected on McClure’s post, noting, “Venture capital doesn’t create 20 something millionaires. The prime of your career in VC is the late 40s. Right where Dave is.” So in these days when it seems that cleantech investing is taking longer to produce the kind of returns that will allow venture investors to continue to raise funds, it’s worth noting that just like Dave McClure, it would be helpful if we took the long view. Which isn’t just that eventually our global energy economy will have to move toward renewable energy, but also that the investors we need to pave the way to such a future may have taken a few knocks, be more experienced, and dare I say, be well past 50 years of age.