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Prepare for the next generation of enterprise collaboration

Collaboration tools are so pervasive in the workplace that it’s no longer a question of if companies will enable web working, but how. Jacob Morgan, a principal with the Chess Media Group, wrote the book The Collaborative Organization, which he hopes will be a guide for corporations looking to utilize a mix of internal messaging, email, wikis and other communication tools in their enterprise. Morgan talked with us about what the evolution of collaboration platforms, what collaboration resources young workers entering companies will expect, and how to get people to actually use the tools provided.

2 Responses to “Prepare for the next generation of enterprise collaboration”

  1. Johnny Ramondino

    I agree with the message that enterprise collaboration is going to come to the workplace and will be, already is, expected by the employee community. The video scratches the surface with regards to the challenges organizations will face in deploying this but it doesn’t have to be that hard. Enterprises don’t need to reinvent how to do this. There are plenty of examples in the market that demonstrate how you can get people engaged and make collaboration immensely valuable. When you look at existing customer and development focused forums and other communities you find that they all share certain attributes:
    – Reputation build
    – Human nature good feeling of helping people
    – Tangible rewards when building up quota of community activity

    Enterprises only need to facilitate these (and other) characteristics to make the deployment successful.
    While all this can be done technically very easy with the platform tools that are out there, the real challenge is getting the enterprise aligned on how valuable this collaboration really is across the business lines.

    • Chris Albrecht

      Hi Johnny,

      You’re right in that the video scratches the surface, but I think it’s a good starting point for companies to this about — especially when it comes to what younger people entering the workforce will expect. They’ll be primed for adopting these tools already.