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What the web is saying about the god particle

We talk a lot about big data and how it could change the world, but the truth is that data doesn’t come much bigger — or more world-changing — than this: On Wednesday scientists at CERN, the physics research institute on the French-Swiss border where the web was invented 22 years ago, announced that they were sure they’d found the almost-mythical Higgs boson — the so-called “god particle”.

Well, they announced that they were pretty sure they’d found it, because scientists are never entirely sure of anything.

In a live video stream beamed to hundreds of thousands of physics fans with breath so bated that oxygen masks were being readied off-stage, Cern officials took the stage to reveal they had found evidence that the Higgs boson — an until-now theoretical sub-atomic particle that gives everything in the universe its mass — exists.

The announcement drew plenty of reaction online.

The New York Times welcomed the discovery in grandiloquent terms, saying it “could redefine the physical world”.

Confirmation of the Higgs boson or something very like it would constitute a rendezvous with destiny for a generation of physicists who have believed in the boson for half a century without ever seeing it…

According to the Standard Model, which has ruled physics for 40 years now, the Higgs boson is the only visible and particular manifestation of an invisible force field, a cosmic molasses that permeates space and imbues elementary particles that would otherwise be massless with mass.

The science blogging community was, of course, out in full force. Bad Astronomy did a good job of explaining how the particle was found, while Wired Science was already wondering what the Large Hadron Collider, the huge particle smasher at the center of the discovery, could discover when it comes back online in two years.

The BBC, meanwhile, mentioned the emotions on display:

The results announced at Cern (European Organization for Nuclear Research), home of the LHC in Geneva, were met with loud applause and cheering. Prof Peter Higgs, after whom the particle is named, wiped a tear from his eye as the teams finished their presentations in the Cern auditorium.

My friend Ian Sample, who wrote a great book about the hunt for the Higgs boson called Massive, was there in Switzerland to report on the announcement — and documented what he termed the #higgsteria.

So does this really matter? Only if you count understanding the universe as an important subject for inquiry. Stacey has already explained in brief and eloquent terms why this experiment is important, not just for the technology industry but also for anybody who cares about the world.

Still, there was plenty of fun to be had too. Many took note of the way the Powerpoint presentation looked.

Possibly the biggest scientific discovery of our time, the Higgs Boson, announced in glorious MS Comic Sans Font
Dan Hon wondered whether CERN director general Rolf-Dieter Heuer might want to start taking his cues from Steve Jobs…

But let’s give the scientists some credit. They could have set it in Wingdings and it would still be as important.

The web, it seemed, was appropriately awed. Even Stephen Hawking, who has famously battled motor neurone disease for most of his life, managed to raise a smile when explaining how the discovery meant he’d just lost a $100 bet.

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Particulate photograph used under Creative Commons license courtesy of Steve Jurvetson

18 Responses to “What the web is saying about the god particle”

  1. This article epitomizes the torrid cesspool in which so many writers seem to so often find themselves in these days when writing about anything moderately complicated. No reason for why the higgs boson matters is even mentioned once in this meandering waste of words. Instead, a pathetic jab at the scientists powerpoint, and a plug for your friends “excellent” book. There is nothing to be gained at all from reading this article. I daresay you would fit in well writing for TMZ.

  2. Daleks

    If the rambling junk science posted by Neterversity isn’t enough (mass is caused by motion? huh?), the fact that he refers to this messenger particle several times as the “Higgs-Boson” — with the dash and capital B — shows that he likely doesn’t understand what a boson is. I would hardly consider his comment to be cogent and it is not based on any form of education.

    • Neterversity

      An actual critique of my post would have been better, than a vague ad hominem attack. The above response is a good example of the hypocritical method that the scientists of today so readily engage in.

      Note, I am not saying that you are a a scientist. I am simply using your reply to illustrate how even though science claims to be about logic, proof and high standards of discourse, the moment someone criticizes its sacred tenants the most unscientific methods are used to try and dissuade others from listening to the different point of view. As you attempted to do above.

      The very need to use such low methods betrays the weakness of the ground that science stands on and the fear of those engaged in what today passes for science, that their audience might realize that – the scientists have no clothes. The Higgs boson (thanks for the correction) and many other sub-atomic particles are not new discoveries. They are simply the gradual releasing of information contained in African, Asian and eventually western secret societies for a long time.

      The discoveries themselves were originally made and confirmed by mental means, without the need for billion dollar atom smashers. The only reason such machines are now needed is because the mental processes for discovering and confirming such things are no longer properly practiced in western institutions.

      When you understand that conscious zero state intelligence creates both energy and matter, the ability to see matter from the inside is the next logical step that a scientist using the ancient scientific method would take. This is exactly what ancient scientists did and why they discovered all of this a very very long time ago, without the need for any machinery to assist them.

      Knowing that you are ultimately trying to understand the nature reality beyond matter, it does not take a genius to realize that using matter to do so will not work. Yet western scientist for all there arrogant back slapping can’t even realize this simply truth. All they are doing is hiding behind technology, in the hope that know one will realize that their efforts cannot be definition succeed.

  3. nathans

    I’m not saying I agree with Neterversity thesis but kudos for cogently explaining an alternative point of view. And well written; for example, “circ de science” is a clever turn of phrase.

  4. Neterversity

    GIVE it a few decades and scientists will admit that Higgs Boson is not fundamental after all. Eventually they will realize that Higgs-Boson doesn’t give matter it’s mass. Mass is the effect of motion. Densification is an effect not a cause. Therefore this is not a God particle. The Higgs-Boson particle is just another effect of motion. It is not the cause of anything any more than any other particle is. Quantum physics is a theory that seems correct because it predicts effects. But it is wrong because it treats effects (particles) as causes.

    Only pre-physical motion is fundamental. What ancient cultures called forces or urges in motion are the cause of all matter.
    Since Democritus misunderstanding of the Ancient Egyption concept of Atum, western thinkers and scientist have been stuck on the notion of particles.

    Quantum physics is nothing but an contemporary form of ancient Greek atomism. As such it provides the a psuedo-scientific underpinning to a political structure based on materialism. It is widely used to give scientific cover to the agenda of materialism. Materialism and Quantum physics are two sides of the same socio/scientific coin. The scientist have to say they have found the God particle to justify the role they are paid to play, in the system of scientific materialism. All they have found is something a bit smaller than what was known about before. Woohoo !

    When so called scientist learn the origin of the laws, that govern the forces, that make the Higgs Boson and all other particles, only then can they truly call themselves scientists. Until they they’re nothing but high-priest of the dogmatic cult of materialism, pretending to be the pinnacle of human intelligence.

    In reality they’re just reproducing the same errors that the ancient Greeks fell into, due to an inability to fathom,recognize or respect the pre-material nature or ever present consciousness, that guides the forces that make the particles.

    Space-time-matter based science cannot be applied to meta material questions. Matter cannot cause matter. Only consciousness can. Trying to figure out how matter causes matter is an exercise in nonsensical futility, that says more about the limitations of present scientific practice, than does about ultimate reality.

    But there won’t be a global press release about the conscious foundation of the laws, that shape the forces, that govern the creation of matter, because the political ramifications of this – the worlds best kept secret (for the last 2500 years) – would bring the whole corrupt politico/scientific system tumbling down.

    The one good thing about this Higgs-Boson, “discovery” is that there are now very few theories left behind which the scientific community can hide the nature of reality – other than multidimensional M-Theory. Far from finding the God partical the Higgs Boson “discovery” is the western political and scientific establishments, desperate last attempt to prevent the knowledge of reality, spreading throughout humanity.

    They need this God particle so badly its not even funny. But just early big bang theory was flawed due to its dependence on a primordial gas, the origins of which are unknown, so Atomic physics will ultimate be revealed as the most setanic scientific theory of them all, whose ultimate purpose is to convince the world that God does not exist while simultaneously give man the power to destroy the planet. Zero logical basis of morality combined with maximum capacity for destruction, is the end result of Quantum theory. The only way that mankind can safe wield this power, is when it learns that the scientific basis of matter is consciousness. That power is controlled by law.

    The irony is that the same probability measures that the scientist use to decide that their findings are like true, means that the universe could not be the result of a fortuitous random conglomeration of effects. The probability is just to low. This double standard reveals the fundamental unscientific nature of “science” as it is practiced today. It’s nothing but a political corrupt disciple, that promotes and exploits peoples abdication of their own ability to discern reality.

    This whole multi-billion-atom-smashing-God-Particle-finding project is the most elaborate misdirection mind-trick conducted by the circ de science, of all time. Its sole purpose is to hide the nature of ultimate reality from humanity for as many years as practically possible.

    In the hope of short circuiting said agenda. Let it be state one more time. CONSCIOUSNESS is the origin of matter. It’s thoughts governs all the steps in between. Who consciousness. Call it what ever you WILL.

    • Exactly.. well said…
      scientists of our time will try in vein to wipe out the thought of the existence of God.. “Scientology” this is what it is all about.. They need to have a reason for all the money time and effort that’s spent on all of these projects.. only to discover God in ‘particle’??.. only if they could stop and reflect what Divine force has created Matter or Particle?
      yes Science is amazing, important, we need it.. But there is a bigger more Divine existence that gave us all the right tools to discover what science is..

      • Actually, the reason the particle is called the “god” particle has little or nothing to do with god. Yours, or anyone elses. That’s not the particles scientific name, its just a nickname.

        I personally blame the media for never really explaining the nickname, but thats no excuse for people who read the word “god” and automatically got all preachy to distort an entire article/experiment into something its not.

        Science is not religion. Religion is not science. Two. Separate. Entities.

        This, is science.

    • drshoe

      I am really intrigued by your alternative view of this matter. In fact, I always suspect that consciousness is the origin of matter, or in another word, matter only exists as a fabrication of human mind. Since we can only feel the reality through our senses, it is highly likely that these phenomena such as mass that make everyday life feel real only exists when there is a conscious observer. The observed and observer are inseparable. Quantum theory does imply this idea.

    • Neterversity


      The mathematical equation for the theory of everything that western scientists are still searching for is as follows.

      ONE divided by INFINITY = ZERO. Where ONE=The One Universe and INFINITY = The infinity of forms making up the universe throughout its entire existence.

      Western science uses a materially focused method in its quest to find the nature of reality, that is unnecessary, because as shown above it can easily be logically an mathematically derived. That’s why its taken so long to find what by processes of logic, contemplation, and meditation ancient scientists were able to understand long ago.

      The idea of creation from a conscious zero state intelligence is so inscrutable yet elegant at the same time, that the best way to explain it has always been through metaphor. Which is why all ancient teachings are so full of allegory and abstract analogy. When later taken literally, by other people who did not understand there purpose, these scientific metaphors, were re branded as historical narratives, to form the largely non-nonsensical belief systems that pass for religion today. But the original truth they all either point to or obscure is that the reciprocal of existence is ZERO. And that CONSCIOUS ZERO STATE INTELLIGENCE has qualities that gives all order to the things (qualities) it creates.

      Just as the background radiation from the big bang phase of creation still exists, so also does the consciousness that created the big bang subsist. behind, above, below, beside, within and throughout every atom it created.

      This immaterial consciousness or zero state intelligence is the opposite of the unconscious matter it creates to form the universe. Matter is neither conscious not intelligent and therefore possesses no ability to order or organize itself into itself. Just think about that for a second. All information contained in matter, that gives it its characteristics is put there by zero state intelligence according to laws and logic, because matter lacking consciousness or intelligence, is unable to will itself, or guide itself, to put that information into itself. It is precisely because of the exceptional human ability to use our share of consciousness, to place information into matter that every aspect of civilization exists, including this information age.

      The simple equation of zero state intelligence above is, far more significant than E= MC squared or the Higgs Bodon “discovery”. It contains the answer to the re-design of all academic disciplines and of civilization itself. In fact it is the mathematical expression of the very principles upon which civilization was originally created by the ancient cultures of Africa, India, China and others, before the Greek atomistic perspective came to the dominate.

      When this is finally understood more widely, is when humanity will enter an era, that goes beyond peace meal scientific knowledge, to an age of scientific wisdom.

      Higgs boson takes us one step closer to realizing that the western materialistic science is not capable of finding the answer to ultimate reality. Once they’ve found the smallest thing they can – what then ?. Make up something smaller and search for that. Which is exactly what atomic physicists do to keep their budgets rolling. There’s no way they’re going to let Higgs Boson put them out of a job.

      If scientists think that Higgs boson provides evidence that there is a pre-atomic field out of which it and subsequent sub-atomic elements emerge, then what is ordering that field to cause it to give rise to matter mathematical structure way that it does. The fact that the number of electrons in the valence bands around the nucleus and all elements making up the periodic table, are both structure according to the same mathematical pattern, is something that is keep hidden from the public, because it means there is intelligence built into every stage of matter. Therefore matter cannot be what gives rise to intelligence it has to be the other way around.

      The Higgs boson discovery, heralds the beginning of the end for western science and beginning of the rebirth of the ancient scientific method.

      Once we accept that CONSCIOUS ZERO STATE INTELLIGENCE is ordering the invisible, non material field that gives Higgs boson its qualities, and quantities, a whole new system of science opens up. One that allows us to redefine and re-envision the universe as seen through the minds eye of the intelligence that creates it, instead of
      the myopic atrophied perspective of a few unscientific scientists and their political pay masters.

      So the next time any tells you that they have discovered this or that about the origin of matter. Just tell them 1 divided by infinity equals God. And the universe 1 divide by consciousness 0 equals the infinity of things it contains. This conceptual reality is akin to the discovery or zero of decimal places in maths, but its significance in relation to matter (quality) is poorly understood. Quality in motion creates quality. Conscious zero state intelligence has many qualities. The one that gives rise to matter is motion. The act of consciousness that gives rise to motion is will. In fact the act if willing is the act of pre-material motion itself. This ways of understanding gods will is not something you will find in religious books. Which is why religion is now so unscientific and why science is now so irreligious. Both lack the nomenclature and logical structure to explain reality properly, due to their political suppression of ancient cultures.

      But times are now changing fast and the principles outline above will soon form the foundation of the Neterversity education system – a global education system that will eventually supersede the current university education.

      The atomists have now got as close to God as is physically possible. Once the powers that be can control the very sub-sub atomic particle that creates the universe, mankinds only chance of survival and freedom will be to learn how to tap into CONSCIOUS ZERO STATE INTELLIGENCE directly to control the field that controls Higgs boson.

      As you can see from THE EQUATION, the reciprocal of infinity that is consciousness asymptotes towards zero. No machine will ever be able to tap into consciousness, because it will always need information to act. We do not. And the closer we get to our own conscious zero state intelligence the more infinite our ability to act becomes. It is the source or our genius and power and the one advantage we will always have over machines.

    • Although discriminating against your response would ultimately put me in as much fault as yourself, I would enjoy reading a proof in which you youself involve the human consciousness into the world of physics. I do not disagree, however, measuring the impact of observation is outside of the current imagination. “God-particle” isn’t a fit name, since gravity is still yet to be put into its true light. “If” the “big bang” happened and is happening, then yes, we are all moving relative to the universe. However, deciding that observation, mixed with the other “n” senses not being used aka consciousness is the key to the larger picture is obscure at best. Without some sort of viable argument you just seem like an uneducated twit. No offense.

    • Neterversity

      1) As the reciprocal of existence consciousness cannot be defined. Definition is a property of thingness. Only what is limited can be defined. Definition is one of the thought process that consciousness itself first engages in to create matter. While consciousness cannot be define its does possess qualities, that can be described in terms of negation. Such as stillness, timelessness, spacelessness. It is the opposite of all the qualities of time-space-energy-matter.

      This is one of the reasons why the materialistic scientists have such a hard time accepting it. This cognitive conundrum was so well understood in ancient times that great effort was put into overcoming the limits of language and symbolism in understanding consciousness. Advanced meditation practices were the result. They are the highest form of scientific inquiry possible as they do not depend on physical instruments. Materialist scientists use the consciousness that permeates the molecules making up their body, (i.e their minds) to study matter. Ancient scientist did this too, but went further, by training their minds to study conscious itself. They trained their consciousness to go beyond the molecules it permeates. The training is far more difficult and rigorous that anything the most advanced materialistic scientist goes through and requires a much higher level of intelligence to succeed. Those who succeed are able to separate “their” consciousness from matter. An achievement that far exceeds the spiting of the atom, and makes the individual capable of doing this far more powerful that an nuclear bomb. More powerful in fact that a sun.

      2) Those who are able to reliably split their consciousness from matter can both create matter with consciousness as well as annihilate matter. These abilities are alluded to metaphorically in ancient writings. The universe has built-in safe guards to ensure that only those whose personalities are 100% reflections or original consciousness ever gain the ability to do this. This is what the training process ensures. It is these safeguards put in place by God, that the Setanic powers that be, who temporarily rule this planet are spending so much money trying to hack. That is the real purpose of the particle accelerators. But they won’t succeed. If they ever do invent a diabolical mechanism for hacking Gods fail safes, the erroneous intentions baked into the invention, will ensure that it both fails and destroys its users. The only invention created by God in our part of the galaxy which when fully utilized is is designed to transcend create and disintegrate matter, is us.

      Such masters of consciousness, after leaving the gravitational plane of matter are able to create new matter or new suns and galaxies, guide by the law that no two things can occupy the same place at the same time. Our planet earth is a training ground for practicing this and many of the infinite abilities that consciousness possesses, as evidenced by the amazing universe it is continuously creating. Those who have succeed are very few, but all will succeed eventually.

      3) We are consciousness and our spirits and bodies are energy and matter. The error of thinking that we are our spirit or that we are our bodies, are the main errors of eastern spiritual teachings and western materialistic science, respectively. The correct definition of who and what we are is maintained in the teachings of Ancient Africa of which the most prolific survivals are those of Ancient Egypt. This knowledge and ability in humans go back about 100,000 years. A small portion it when applied to societal matters, gave rise to the invention of civilization, after which the rest is history. In biological organisms the ability of consciousness to alter matter is what gives living things the ability to physically change and adapt to their environment. Everywhere where matter is imbued with living consciousness, consciousness is observing and adapting and optimizing that living being.

      Just to be clear on issues of terminology.

      Consciousness, Life and God are all different words for the same thing.

      Life, living and living things are not the same.

      Life is a non-material entity. i.e it is consciousness – i.e it is God. By permeating inorganic and organic matter Life/Consciousness/God/Zero State Intelligence gives rise to various levels of Livingness, both in energetic and material entities. These are the energetic, sub-atomic, atomic, mineral, vegetable, animal and human dimensions. Notice that there are seven, as metaphorically alluded to in so called religious texts.

      The so called human dimension, unlike all the others, encompasses all those that precede it, including of course the consciousness that created it, which is not a dimension, but the source of all dimensions – as dimensionality itself is a property of space-time-energy-matter. In fact un-manifest space-time-energy-matter which is the “field” that the researchers into Higgs boson are really trying to understand is the original dimensionless dimension. It is the real in which the masters of consciousness operate to engage in what religious minded people call miracles, but is really the application of a scientific method that no materialistic scientist capable of. Interestingly, one of the many fail safes that protects this fror of knowledge from being misused by those who would abuse it, is their own misapplication of their own consciousness in the form or incorrect beliefs.

      Every false belief and erroneous thought, word or deed, distorts the configuration of the sub-atomic energy & particles making up the programmed mind of the errorist, in such a way that they cannot interact with consciousness as consciousness interacts with them. To put it in religious terms, false beliefs and evil deeds, whether scientific, religious or atheistic, cause us to lose the oneness with God, that is the prerequisite for sharing in Gods stupendous power. Scientific error, or what religions describe as sin, prevents us from become channels for the appropriate use of infinite creative and destructive power of consciousness.

      Each dimension is created by consciousness as a foundation for the next, in order to create the realm that follows it. The aim being to create a form of material existence, in which the capabilities of consciousness can be fully expressed within matter. The spirits and bodies or human beings on this planet, are that form. Education followed by initiation are the preparation for the full application of are latent conscious capabilities.

    • Blake Smith

      “When so called scientist learn the origin of the laws, that govern the forces, that make the Higgs Boson and all other particles, only then can they truly call themselves scientists. Until they they’re nothing but high-priest of the dogmatic cult of materialism, pretending to be the pinnacle of human intelligence.” – Neterversity

      I think your point of view is interesting. (I also think Star Trek is interesting.) However, instead of railing on about the scientific materialist conspiracy, what if you provided empirical evidence that the scientific paradigm of the standard model of physics is flawed? I think that, more that urgent rhetoric, would be a way to overturn the materialist view.

      One might say that your own view, that of a mystical idea of CONSCIOUSNESS, is itself AN unfalsifiable hypothesis. But the standard model is subject to falsification – it can be proven wrong by demonstrating that its predictions fail. I don’t think the concept of CONSCIOUSNESS can be disproven, but sadly it also can not be proven. It would be COOL if you are right. It would also BE cool if it turns out that when we die we really wake UP. If we do, I hope I WAKE UP and find that I am some kind of SUPER GENIUS who wanted to dream of what it is like to live as a FOOL.

    • So far as I can tell, 100% of the evidence points to the dependence of consciousness on matter (not the opposite), as well as matter long predating human consciousness. Consciousness is disrupted and altered directly by transcranial magnetic stimulation, electrical impulses, drugs, and physical damage, but delusions and wishing don’t make corresponding direct changes in the physical universe.

    • pjpres

      What an enjoyable post. It’s always good to come across others that KNOW.. another rower on the sea of ignorance that is this world. I wonder have you studied vedanta? I suggest you check out the cosmology of Meher Baba, he has outlined the evolution of consciousness in great detail.