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ComScore: iPhone barely edges Android’s growth in U.S.

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Between February and May this year, Apple’s iPhone(s AAPL) saw a sliver of growth in smartphone market share in the U.S., where it accounts for a little over 30 percent of all smartphone subscriptions. Meanwhile Android(s GOOG) saw smaller growth, but is still the most prevalent OS on smartphones, with a little over 50 percent market share, according to ComScore’s MobiLens report released Monday.

Little has changed since February, the last time MobiLens’ survey of 30,000 U.S. adults smartphone owners was published: Android is still the smartphone leader. ComScore did count 110 million smartphones subscribers in May, which is five percent more than counted in February. And of that growth, it appears Apple was the biggest beneficiary.

Android having 50 percent market share is a number that’s important to Google, of course, and to Apple. If you’re trying to gauge how the individual handset makers are doing, the far more interesting number is a comparison of smartphone manufacturer market share, which MobiLens hasn’t provided. Instead, it gives an overall picture of mobile phones sales, both feature phones and smarpthones: Of the 234 million mobile owners in May, 25.7 percent owned a Samsung device, 19.1 percent an LG and 15 percent an iPhone, followed by Motorola (now owned by Google) with 12 percent and HTC with 6.1 percent.

It’s interesting to see a slight uptick between February and May in iPhone marketshare, both on the iOS side and on the handset side, especially because Apple hasn’t released a new phone since October. However, it has recently added several new carriers, the impact of which won’t be reflected right away. But with the addition of the first pre-paid offerings of the iPhone, it could make the next round of market share tabulations in August a little more interesting.

5 Responses to “ComScore: iPhone barely edges Android’s growth in U.S.”

  1. eldernorm

    “If you’re trying to gauge how the individual handset makers are doing, the far more interesting number is a comparison of smartphone manufacturer market share,”

    Actually this method us used by lazy anal…ysts. Many Samsung “smart” phones are not really that smart. Also buy one get two free is not a profit making measure.

    Just read article that said buyers from mobile devices at 12% of buyers. 6.5 % of tablets (95% iPad) and 5.5% smart phone (needs to be smart and easy enough to actually buy on line), this last quarter.

    iOS, leading the way as I see it.

  2. RidingtheRange

    Interesting, slightly slanted, take on the data. Another equally valid take: “iPhone Q2 growth doubles Android Growth.”

  3. Many positives with Android phones. There are different variations on the style and design but it is also rather clunky. iOS doesn’t have that but nonetheless it is all the same. So it is question of which is better.

  4. John Molloy

    Hmmm. One phone, one company “saw a sliver of growth”. Against all comers. one company has 30%. Pretty good considering Steve Jobs was aiming for 1% initially. I’ll take that.