(Only) 6 stories to read this weekend


With Google I/O(s GOOG), it has been a hard week for me to focus on getting much of anything done. I wanted to read more but instead spent a lot of time with smart people and writing — a lot. So this week there are only six stories to read this weekend.

Update: I had incorrectly identified Mary Jaksch as the author of the last post, when in fact it was Dr. Miller who wrote the guest post on her blog.


Angela Dunn

The story on Mary Jaksch’s blog, “How to find compassion in your most difficult moments” is a guest post by Elana Miller, MD, psychiatry resident and founder of Zen Psychiatry.


Thank you Angela for making that correction! I’m Elana, and I wrote that post for Mary’s blog. Thank you for including it on your list!

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