Who’s connected to whom in Hadoop world [infographic]


To say there are a lot of companies involved in the Hadoop ecosystem would be an understatement. To say partnership strategies are broad would be one, too. The folks at Datameer created this infographic to show just how expansive and interconnected the Hadoop ecosystem is (and, admittedly, to show off the new infographic tools in the latest Datameer release). When I say that Hadoop is poised to explode because everyone company under the sun has committed to it, here’s what I mean (and this data is even a bit outdated; there would be even more connections today).


Jim Ausman

Why isn’t Yahoo listed? You know, the inventor of Hadoop, the company that spun off Hortonworks and the company with the largest and most extensive Hadoop installation?

Derrick Harris

Because it doesn’t sell anything. It’s just a Hadoop user and contributor.


This is a great way to show the interconnections through out the industry. Mosaic is a proud partner to a few of the major industry leaders within that ecosystem ourselves. Great post of an infographic!

Mosaic Technology

Pari Rajaram

funny why the IT giant HP was not highlighted in Bold.

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