NPD study: TV-watching on tablets has more than doubled

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Use of digital tablets to watch television has more than doubled in the last year, according to consumer surveys conducted by the NPD DisplaySearch in 14 regions around the globe.

Surveying around 14,000 TV owners worldwide, NPD found that 10 percent of consumers reported using their iPad or Android-based tablet to watch video, up from 4 percent a year ago.

Video-watching on tablets is particularly high in urban China, where nearly 35 percent of respondents say they use the devices to view television. NPD says the fastest growing region is Turkey, which has seen the tablet-viewing behavior spike to 16.5 percent from 3.1 percent in just one year.

Overall, NPD adds, 70 percent of survey respondents say they’ve watched TV on a device other than a TV.

1 Comment

Michael Essany

This article has mobile advertising written all over it. I think the advertisers who are yet to grasp the new-found dominance of mobile devices in home or on-the-go entertainment are missing a golden opportunity. As Mr. Frankel points out, devs/advertisers can count on a somewhat captive audience when reaching mobile consumers through smartphones and tablets. Just look at how successful Airpush’s developers and advertisers have become by embracing mobile devices with highly relevant messages and other strategies – TV advertising and traditional print media are dying. The money is in mobile.

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