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Cloudability tool tracks Amazon reserved instances

Many companies use Amazon(s amzn) EC2 discounted reserved instances as a way to save money on their cloud computing loads. But keeping track of what instances they have reserved and which are already in use can be tricky. Cloudability is attacking that problem with a new tool that helps users keep tabs on those reserved instances to make sure they use them most efficiently.

The Portland, Ore. startup said, based on its customer data, 70 percent of companies that are not using reserved instances now could be saving significant cash — an average of 50 percent to 60 percent — compared to the money they end up spending on pricier on-demand instances. Many companies end up not using all their allocated reserved instances for fear of using them up or by launching them in the wrong region.  The Cloudability Reserved Instance Explorer displays their reserved instances across multiple accounts and lets them search by region, by size, by expiration time, by operating system etc.

Cloudability’s service tracks users cloud usage and supports AWS, Rackspace(s rax) and Heroku. Rackspace customers  even get free use of Cloudability’s monitoring service.

Check out the short video: