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New York Times kicks off “NYT Everywhere,” first stop: Flipboard

The New York Times (s NYT) is launching a new initiative, “NYT Everywhere,” designed to bring its content to third-party platforms. Its first partnership under the new program is with social magazine Flipboard. Starting Thursday, the full contents of the newspaper will be available via Flipboard’s iOS (s AAPL) and Android (s GOOG) apps, and the paywall is coming along too.

New York Times subscribers authenticate their subscription on Flipboard. After that, they can read all of the paper’s content — but their Flipboard access is “based on the subscription package they bought,” the NYT’s Bits blog explains:

Subscribers with access to the Web site and smartphone apps can view The Times on Flipboard’s smartphone apps. Those who subscribe to the Web site and tablet apps can read the content through Flipboard’s tablet apps. And readers who pay to have access to The Times on any digital platform can have access through Flipboard’s apps on any mobile device.

Non-subscribers have access to the NYT’s Top News section, as they do in other NYT apps.

Denise Warren, general manager of, says the paper “conducted a survey with its subscribers and found that 20 percent said they read Web content through third-party apps like Flipboard that feature a variety of sources.”

2 Responses to “New York Times kicks off “NYT Everywhere,” first stop: Flipboard”

  1. motionblurred

    I’d hate to say it but I believe the NYT is making a mistake. They are devaluing the brand and the NYT has so much content that it needs it’s own dedicated app (they do but it’s lousy compared to the website).

    They should be looking into adopting a design similar to the innovations in Flipboard instead of being just another cog in the wheel. They should also charge less.