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Video: We test drive Tesla’s Model S electric car!

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We’ve brought you photos and videos of Tesla’s Model S electric car for months as it moved from alpha to beta and finally to commercial stage. And on Friday we finally got a chance to drive the car on the streets around Tesla’s factory in Fremont, Calif. The low center of gravity, smooth ride, and lack of vibration were pretty amazing. Check out our test drive of Tesla’s Model S!:

26 Responses to “Video: We test drive Tesla’s Model S electric car!”

  1. Center counsel looks very offensive and un inspired. Also, I don’t think this tesla is very important for the electric car industry. It’s a very expensive electric car bottom line!!! If it were affordable for the masses then it would be a note worthy car!

  2. Great. Now all Tesla needs to invent is a 2-door hatchback for $20,000 that most Americans could actually afford to buy. $50,000 – $150,000 cars – are not popular and will never be big sellers. BTY Toyota Prius C are sold out in most places or already on backorder – because their subcompact hybrid costs $20,000 – not $50,000. If anyone can make the People’s Electric Car – it will be Tesla.

  3. Jim Dillinger

    She looked like she was bored and very unresponsive. I like how the salemen put her through some tuff turns and all she had to say was “what that noise”. But even if she didnt get it, thats a badass car.

  4. It appears that Katie has never heard of the Nissan Leaf, GM EV1, or Detroit Electric – she thinks that the Model S is the first purpose built electric car.

  5. There is a right way and a wrong way to use a steering wheel, irrespective of gender. Go to a racing school, or read any performance driving book to find out the right way. Same goes for using the throttle and brake.

  6. jtthree

    Who cares about her hand position!? Good grief. Not everyone drives the same, get over it.

    On a different note, I want this car. I can’t afford it, but I want it. Who’s buying it for me?

  7. Matt Mayer

    Looks like a great car, but someone please correct the driver’s hand positioning! What’s with the funky underhand grab on every turn?

  8. Nice video!!! A friend of mine is pretty high on the list to get one and she said i could drive it when she does. I suspect that once i drive one, that my name will be on the list!

  9. Steve K

    That panel looks like it might be a major distraction to some people.

    And Katie, see of Om will spot you to a performance driving class like Bondurant U. It would increase your cred as an automotive journalist to not be doing things like grabbing the steering wheel upside down. Might even save you in an emergency maneuver someday.

      • Steve K

        WTF? I don’t care what gender or planet someone is from. That practice of pulling a steering wheel around with one’s hand upside down is dangerous and a surefire tell that they are not a trained driver. I think most of the curriculum of a performance driving course should be a mandatory part of getting a license. You aren’t allowed to fly an airplane without demonstrating emergency control of it. Even a motorcycle license requires a formal course where proper technique is taught. So in spite of your need to appear holier than thou, I would make that same comment on any video of an automobile test, regardless of who was driving. It’s not that hard to learn proper technique, and if one is going to publish their opinion on how well a car drives, that opinion will carry much more credibility if the driver/author is demonstrating that they can correctly handle the car.