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Photos: Tesla Model S customers drive off

Driving off
Electric car maker Tesla Motors officially handed off the first ten of its Model S electric cars at a launch event at its factory in Fremont, Calif. on Friday. Workers filled a corner of the factory and surrounded a line of the cars as the first customers accepted their keys and were driven off with their cars. Early customers that picked up their cars included DBL Investors Partner Nancy Pfund and DFJ Partner Tim Draper. Here’s out photos of the event:

7 Responses to “Photos: Tesla Model S customers drive off”

  1. Kent Beuchert

    Tesla has produced a fine, albeit quite expensive car. Their goal is to usher in the electric age of autos, but to do that requires a MUCH less expensive battery (the 300 mile Tesla battery pack rings up at $44,000). And this type of battery will not outlast the vehicle. And expect a 20% drop in range at the 5 year mark. Neither Tesla nor anyone else can produce a capable (i.e. not a Leaf) and also affordable electric. THAT
    task is totally in the hands of the battery inventors. It is THEY, not Elon Musk, who will make an affordable EV possible.
    And they are close, very close. I feel sorry for these early adopters who are getting raped, price-wise.

    • The early adopters are getting raped? Nobody forced them to buy the present cars, and I’m not convinced a large reduction in battery prices is as close as you seem to think.

    • Steve K

      Cars at this price and performance level are status symbols. Just as if someone had a BMW 6 series. By putting an electric car in the class of luxury performance sport sedans, instead of little commuter boxes, Tesla has opened some doors and eyes. Nothing about this class of car is practical, it isn’t meant to be.

    • Howard

      You are ONLY half correct we could make long range LONG LIFE EVs from 2005 building on 1997 technology using NiMH but GM and CHEVRON put the battery in a patent prison. Though the rights are now owned by BASF, CHEVRON still retains a veto denying large density NiMH.