Few cable users aware of TV Everywhere

Only about a fifth of pay TV subscribers know their cable, satellite or telco service provider offers technology that lets them view video content over the internet on digital devices.

That was the upshot of research presented online Friday by Dallas-based Parks Associates and first reported on by Home Media Retailing. According to the presenter, Parks senior analyst Brett Sappington, only 15 percent of the 20 million homes that subscribe to DirecTV (s DTV) — the No. 2 multichannel service in the U.S. — even know about TV Everywhere, the pay TV industry’s broad initiative to move video content onto digital platforms and preserve its business model in the process.

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AT&T U-verse (s T) is at the high end of the awareness spectrum, but only about a quarter of its nearly 4 million subscribers know about its TV Everywhere services. Charter Communications is last among the major pay TV operators — only about 5 percent of its 4.3 million subscribers know about TV Everywhere.

In his presentation, Sappington quoted an unnamed representative for Dish Network (s DISH) (total awareness: 19 percent), who purportedly told him that the satellite service’s marketing priorities were for its core services, not TV Everywhere.

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Meanwhile, of the nearly 20 percent of pay TV subscribers who know about TV Everywhere offerings, only 53 percent of that group actually used them in the last month, Sappington also noted.