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Tumblr iPhone app update offers speedier blogging

Tumblr’s iPhone app (s aapl) has gotten a major redesign that introduces more robust blogging features and a lot of new speed enhancements. Tumblr still doesn’t have a dedicated iPad app but the new 3.0 update should provide a lot of improved functionality for fans of the mobile app.

The dashboard has been redesigned to be simpler while the compose button offers some quick swipe short cuts to add photos or go right into the text editor. The app supports better tapping and is speedier overall, with faster uploading of posts.

Users can now include high-res images and there’s a new photo viewer to see pictures. Other nice additions include the Spotify support for sharing songs, the ability to search by tags and an offline option for composing, reblogging and responding to others when not connected.

The iPhone app follows in the footsteps of a similar Android update that hit Google Play (s goog) a couple months ago. Both apps also feature Radar, the showcase for interesting blog posts on the Tumblr network. Tumblr CEO David Karp spoke at a conference last week and said that the new iPhone app Karp won’t feature ads immediately but will incorporate them soon after launch. That’s been one of the big business stories for Tumblr as it starts to roll out new organic advertising units as part of its effort to generate revenue.

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