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Sneak peek: This is Kim Dotcom’s new Megabox service

MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom may have had most of his assets seized as part of his indictment for criminal copyright infringement in January, but that apparently hasn’t stopped him from working on his next venture. Dotcom gave a first peak at Megabox, which is supposed to become a kind of cloud music service, on Twitter Wednesday, sharing a photo of what looks like a mobile app. Check out the photo below:

He teased the new service with the following words:

“The major Record Labels thought Megabox is dead. Artists rejoice. It is coming and it will unchain you.”

The photo seems to show a website that advertises an Android app, which in turn promises “unlimited space for all your music.” The app seems to offer a music player, search, a shop and some kind of social component, and states that unlimited music uploads will be free.

Dotcom’s team was working on Megabox before the shut-down of MegaUpload, but details of the new service remained scarce. Dotcom has said that it will allow artists to sell their music directly to consumers while also earning money from free downloads. This was supposedly being facilitated through MegaKey, an adware service that swapped ads on third-party websites for MegaUpload’s own display advertising. It’s unclear whether this ad swapping scheme will still be part of the upcoming Megabox service.

10 Responses to “Sneak peek: This is Kim Dotcom’s new Megabox service”

  1. Reda Laghzaoui

    mooter i agree with u to the CORE! I love Kim!!!!!!! let him get rich through whatever means because at the end of the day his service is free when i went to and i wanted to watch my soaps i clicked on some buttons and thats it let me grab my chips my coke and some snacks and enjoy the show! po-po always gotta ruin everything. I HOPE KIM WINS!!! KIM PRIDE!

  2. It costs money to run servers and bandwidth… or do you think Kim can just run this service via magic pixie fairy dust? Of course he will make money, he HAS to in order to provide the service in the first place. The difference, is that he is taking a fee where as the record labels in the music industry are slave owners and corrupt mafia like figures who essentially run a ponzi scheme on the artists.

  3. new_jfk

    More like transferring the vampire heart of the labels to Kim Dotcom…it was never about solving music piracy or “releasing” the artists. It’s about the fat dude earning more so he can live in a bigger mansion. He has no moral, no consideration and definitely does not give a fuck about the artist

    • Spenser Ghreff

      If that was true, wouldn’t he keep the 997.50$ from artists 1000$ worth of sales like the current system? Because the way he’s running it they get 900 of the 1000. Sounds pretty good to me. Even if he is greedy, it’s liberating.

  4. Super C

    This will be an interesting one! Megabox is actually owned by the BBC! British Broadcasting Corporation LOL! Funny to see Kim’s new venture on the frontpage of without anyone checking that this is FREE PR for Kim :) Rockon!

  5. ricdesan

    Bring it Kim! Lets put a stake through the vampire heart of the labels and show them just how worthless they really are!

    We dont need no Stinkin middle man!