Kickstarter by the numbers: New stats page gives daily updates

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is pulling back the curtain on the data behind the site. The New York-based startup announced today that it has launched Kickstarter Stats, a page tracking the progress of all of the projects on the site, updated daily and sorted by category.

“We’re big fans of numbers here at Kickstarter, and we’ve shared many Kickstarter stats and trends on this blog,” the company said. “Those posts have typically been tied to milestones, but we’ve always wanted a way to share our numbers consistently.”

For each category, Kickstarter Stats displays the total number of projects that have launched, the number of live projects, total dollars raised, success rate and other metrics. It also breaks down the categories by successful and unsuccessful projects. The latter piece is particularly interesting in light of the recent attention around the difficulty of finding failed projects on the platform.

In a recent interview with Kickstarter co-founder Perry Chen, Om talked about how Kickstarter is less of a company and more of a movement. Seeing the aggregate activity on the site and the range of categories it impacts (from theater and film to publishing and design) certainly provides evidence for that.

Here are just a few interesting stats:

  • Over $250 million has been pledged to Kickstarter projects
  • Over $215 million has been pledged to successful projects
  • Seven projects have raised more than $1 million
  • Over 7,000 projects (13 percent) have never received a single pledge
  • 60,786 projects have been launched on the site
  • Over 4,000 projects are live right now