Janko Roettgers cuts the cable cord in GigaOM’s newest e-book

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Over the past five years, Janko Roettgers has documented every way imaginable to cut the cord to pay TV. Now, for the first time, he shares all the tricks and tips he’s learned along the way in one handy, must-have guide, Cut the Cord: All You Need to Drop Cable.

In GigaOM’s first original e-book, Janko provides practical advice to help you decide what best fits your budget as well as how to access the shows you want to see. Whether he’s looking at Apple TV, Google TV, Roku or another device, Janko compares all the features for each device and the shows that are available.

If you have been looking to cut the cord to cable or simply pare it down by watching Netflix, Hulu or another service on your TV, this book is the essential guide. And it’s only $4.99! If you have a Kindle, iPad or Nook, you can buy it direct on Amazon, Apple or B&N today, or read more at GigaOM Books.

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Bonnie Martin

He needs to update the book. One word.. WhiteHatt

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