Founders get ticket out of Amiando, plot next venture

With Eventbrite on the march, rival ticketing operations have a fight on their hands. But not the founders of Amiando — they’re taking some time off to clear their heads.

No, it’s not a holiday.

Amiando, whose system powers such conferences as LeWeb, along with other live shows, announced on Tuesday that CEO Felix Haas, CFO Sebastian Bärhold, biz-dev chief Dennis von Ferenczy and CTO Armin Bauer will leave at the end of August. The move comes at the end of a transition period planned when social networking company Xing bought the German firm for €10 million a year and a half ago.

The new CEO is Norbert Stockmann, who’s jumping over from his head role at rival outfit Ticket Online. He’ll be working alongside verticals VP Julian de Grahl, with the two forming what Amiando calls a “management duo.”

But what about the founders? Flush with cash, it seems they’re off for a deserved break – then an intriguing return.

“We are planning on starting a new venture together,” von Ferenczy told me. “When we leave the company we’ll probably take a few months off, go travelling a bit and get some new ideas.”

He added that the new business would probably be internet-related, “to leverage the experience we got from the last few years together”. But that’s all he’ll venture for now.

As regards to Amiando, all is good, it seems. “The collaboration with Xing has been very good over the past one and a half years,” von Ferenczy said. “It’s running very smoothly.”

The Amiando founders’ new operation should start to reveal itself around the end of this year or the start of 2013. Given their successful exit and the success of the company they’re leaving behind, I think it’ll be wise to watch this space…