Seth Godin’s Kickstarter campaign for new book beats $40k goal in 3.5 hours

This morning at 5:05 AM ET, Seth Godin launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $40,000 for his upcoming book “The Icarus Deception.” The goal was to raise the money in a month, but the campaign has already beat the goal, raising $43,538 in about three and a half hours.

“The Icarus Deception” is about “the mythology of success (and failure) and how our economy rewards people who are willing to stand up and stand out.” If the campaign hits its goal, the publisher — which Godin hasn’t revealed yet, but says he will announce soon — will “launch a major retail campaign to introduce the book to readers in bookstores. They’ll also publish “V is for Vulnerable” (an illustrated ABC book) as well as a smaller, significantly-abridged version of the bonus ‘big’ book.”

Godin is also offering limited-edition bonuses, with pledges starting at $4 — for that amount, you’ll get a digital preview edition of the book. At the high end, those who pledge $1,150 or more get “your story, told. I’ll interview you and write at least a paragraph about something brave or powerful or remarkable you’ve done or built–and include it in all editions of The Icarus Deception.” Only five slots were available for that and they are all sold out.