Ikea TV goes on sale in Europe, comes with DVR add-on

Ikea’s Uppleva TV is arriving in select European Ikea stores and the company just shared some more technical data about the device, revealing that it will also be able to record programming on separately sold flash memory. However, some details are still unclear.

Uppleva arrived in Ikea’s Stockholm store late last week, and will go on sale in the company’s Berlin Lichtenberg store hand a handfull of stores across Europe on July 2nd. Ikea said earlier this year that it will sell the TV set in select stores in Italy, France, Germany, Poland and Sweden this summer. It will be made more widely available across Europe and also sell online in fall, and reach the U.S. market in 2013.

As part of Uppleva’s launch in Sweden, the company also shared additional technical data, including the following data points about the TV set:

  • LED
  • Full HD 1080p
  • 400 Hz exercise indices (40-46 ‘400 Hz MI, 32’ 100 Hz MI, 24 ’50 Hz MI)
  • Compatible with MP3 and MP4, DivX HD, and JPEG.
  • Inputs: 32-46 “: 4xHDMI, 2xUSB. 24 “: 2xHDMI, 1xUSB.

Ikea’s Swedish website also states that the company will sell a separate 8GB flash memory stick that will allow consumers to record TV shows as well as pause and rewind live programming. Of course 8GB isn’t all that much, so we shouldn’t expect a full-blown TiVo-like (s TIVO) DVR functionality – but it could be enough to record your occasional show and not miss anything while going to the bathroom. It also looks like this is just an ordinary USB stick, so consumers might be able to use a higher-capacity flash drive instead.

One detail that’s still unclear is Uppleva’s connectivity: Ikea’s Swedish website states that Wi-fi is built-in, but the accompanying FAQ explains that there will be a Wi-Fi adapter sold separately. It’s possible that the discrepancy can be explained with Wi-Fi not being pre-installed on all models, or the add-on may bring Wi-Fi Direct functionality to the device.

GigaOM was first to report that Uppleva will come with apps for YouTube, (s GOOG) Vimeo, (s IAC) Dailymotion, QTom and others.  Last month, we revealed that the TV set will allow consumers to buy things with their remote control through integrated tele-commerce.

Check out a few new pictures of Uppleva below, courtesy of Ikea: